Deep Biomarkers Of Human Aging

How old by basic blood test


  • 41 input parameters
  • r = 0.91
  • Rsq = 0.82
  • MAE = 5.5 years
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  • 33 input parameters
  • r = 0.79
  • Rsq = 0.63
  • MAE = 6.2 years
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  • 19 input parameters
  • r = 0.80
  • Rsq = 0.65
  • MAE = 5.90 years
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  • 1066 input parameters
  • r = 0.5
  • Rsq = 0.3
  • MAE = 5.9 years
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Please try our Young.AI - a tool for tracking your predicted age over time using the multiple data types

This is a deep-learned predictor of your age made with a deep neural network trained on hundreds of thousands anonymised human microbiome profiles.

Floro'clock is based on an improved version of the model described in Galkin et al

Please use the citation when referencing this project

Upload your gut micrflora profile obtained from WGS sequencing here to predict your age. Things to check before uploading:

We recommend to obtain microflora profile with Centrifuge software. Human gut contains thousands of different microbes, but each individual profile ususally contains no more than several hundreds of reliably detected species. It is OK to provide tables with fewer columns than 1066 columns: all the missing values will be filled with zeroes on our end.

You can upload up to 25 samples per session without creating an account. Log in to increase your session limit to 100 samples.

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DNNs were trained on NVIDIA GPU

We thank NVIDIA for providing valuable GPU equipment for deep learning to Insilico Medicine.